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About Us


Here's a secret - we don't actually care about numbers...

Some bookkeepers and accountants totally geek out about numbers, budgets, and tax prep, but what really brews our beans is seeing small businesses thrive.

This is why we are bookkeepers. Not because the books are important in and of themselves (don't tell your accountant we said that)... but because accurate books and an understanding of your finances empowers you as the business owner to grow your profits and your dreams.

You didn't open your business to spend all your time trying to catch-up on bookkeeping, not to mention the stress of keeping all the "plates spinning" of all the rest of the tasks a business owner has to tackle on a daily basis.

Don't let bookkeeping suck time and energy away from your business any longer and let us help you achieve financial accuracy, improved cash flow, bigger profits, and pay yourself more!

Our Team

Meet Jenn

I'm a professional bookkeeper and a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor who is committed to helping your small business thrive.

My previous professional background has been primarily in cyber security and cyber incident response, however, I have been a small business owner for the last twelve years. While working my full time job and running a variety of "side hustles" over the years, I realized that the biggest pain point for small business owners is taking care of all the back office administration that they aren't getting paid to do. I helped several other small businesses get their back offices in order and finally realized my passion - helping small business owners have more time to do what they are passionate about - run their business!

With my background in privacy and cyber security and my passion for providing financial intelligence for small businesses, I'm ready to tackle your books and help your business thrive!


Meet Christine

I’m a professional bookkeeper trained in Quickbooks and eager to share my knowledge in finances and utilize my extreme attention to detail to review your books and whip them into shape.


My previous professional experience has been in medical record analysis and client advocacy so checking for accuracy and organizing confidential information is second nature. In this role, I discovered my passion for supporting my client’s objectives with detailed analysis, research, and recommendations as well as facilitating open communication about sensitive and challenging topics.


This is the same passion for quality and customer service that I now bring to bookkeeping and I look forward to saving you time, increasing profitability, and helping you reach all your small business goals!


Work with us today!

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